I'm Peter Parker. SuperWhoLock.Merlin.LOTR.The Hobbit.Marvel/DC.GoT. OITNB.HP.OB.House.Psych. Divergent Series. The Maze Runner aka TMR. Star Trek. Pushing Daises.

Pansexual. House Stark/Gyffrindor From WinterFell. On the Enterprise, you would find me in a Blue Shirt.

|Stay Wavy will be seen a lot on my Instagram pictures so it will usually be tagged in my personals. It's a movement I created to help through my personal problems and mental illnesses. |Oh did I mention I have high functioning Autism? Well, I do.|

I like usually am in to Spoken Word bands but my tolerance is pretty high for types of music. I'm cold and distant. Mary Jane is pretty nice every once in a long time. Spirit Animal is a Coyote. Kevin is my best friend. Tags are: Stay Wavy [personals/selfies/] Parker Disregard, Get with the Times New Roman. On Star Trek related stoof, it's usually StarFleet Enterprise Squad.

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